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Quality Manufacturing

Since 1979, Prospect Products has been dedicated to producing the highest quality precision machined products available anywhere.  From poppets to plungers, shafts to sleeves, and everything in between, they can meet all of your machined component needs. 

We lightened up their blue color just a tad and cleaned up their logo making their website much more modern. We also organized the information to make the site much easier to navigate


Prospect Products

Making BIG Plans

Vesco Reprographics is a Professional Printer out of Montgomery Illinois that offers a wide range of services. They specialize providing and servicing wide format devices while offering branding services as well as in-house printing.

Their old website was very outdated and did not accurately who they were. The colors were dull and it was very static. We added a very unique animated header and brightened up their colors, giving them the perfect image for a professional printing and reprographics company.


Vesco Reprographics

Organizing Content

The Stone Center is a Landscaping and Architectural Stone wholesaler based out of Lisle Illinois. On their old website, navigating through content was difficult, and it was unclear as to what all of their offerings were.

Brand Evolution solved this problem by bringing a better structure to the site and by incorporating better navigation tools. Their site now has a mega menu that includes pictures and all headings so all of the information can be easily found. We’ve also included a search bar so the viewers can immediately find what they are looking for.


The Stone Center

Great Food, Great Website

Dans Pizza makes Chicago style meals to consumers in the Downer’s Grove-Lisle area. From delicious and crispy thin crust pizzas to hot and juicy Italian beefs, sausages, and hot dogs their recipes have been pleasing generations of the most supportive customers a small business can ask for.

All They needed was a killer website to show off. Their old website was not mobile responsive and was very outdated. We were able to make a beautiful responsive design for them so now their customers can enjoy food AND a wonderful website.


Dans Pizza

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Premium Web Development for Small to Mid Sized Businesses. Brand Evolution, LLC is located in Lisle IL, a Chicago suburb, and focuses on building customized websites that help businesses meet their goals and objectives. Putting a heavy focus on brand image, Brand Evolution seeks innovative new ways designing websites that appeal to your target audience.

Our Process


During the Discovery phase, we uncover your needs and goals by personal communication. We will answer questions such as “Who is your target market? What actions do you want them to take on your website? How should you position yourself in the market?” This will be used to create a roadmap of how to create a custom solution for your business.


In the strategy phase, we design the course of action on how we will achieve objectives in the Discover phase. For example, if you are doing email marketing to bring in leads, we may build out an email funnel. This phase determines the entire scope of the project from what colors your target market is receptive to, to how to build out the secure login on an ecommerce website.


This is a crucial step but is often overlooked. After the project is complete, we make sure to track results and find any areas of improvement. The market is always changing so we make sure to follow the trends and help you achieve the results you are looking for. With Brand Evolution, you can count on us to be your partner and help you every step of the way to achieve your goals.


After our roadmap is complete, it is time to take action. Once we launch the project, we make sure to keep you in the loop by updating you on where we are at on a regular basis along with the estimated completion date. 

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