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Product Configurator Summary Page

Automating the quoting process while generating leads


We created a product Configurator that will tell the user what product and configuration they need based on their usage scenario.

After the user selects their product options, a product number is generated and they will be able to download a PDF with the specs and configuration details on the product.

An email is then sent to the CAS marketing department so they create a quote based on the product number and details submitted by the user.

Data Gathering and Lead Generation

The email sent to CAS contains the the user’s information (Name, Email, Phone, etc…) Which allows CAS to reach out to the new lead.

Each configuration is logged into a database which can be managed in a spreadsheet. This allows them to analyze popular configurations, high traffic times and much more. Additionally, a record is stored with all leads that have used the product configurator. 

Generating leads with an email funnel

When you’re a large manufacturer that sells semiconductors across the globe, having a strong online appearance and bringing in new leads is crucial. We created an email funnel for CAS by requiring visitor’s email and other contact information for them to download the popular semi-conductor brochures.

With thousands of brochure downloads, CAS has gained a large of amount of new leads through their website and continues to see great results.

CAS consistently gains qualified leads through their website, by getting thousands of downloads from visitors providing their information. Now it’s your turn to generate some leads.

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CAS received hundreds of leads and emails through their website, now it's your turn

By providing an incentive for leads to provide their information to CAS, Brand Evolution was able to create an effective email funnel for Cast Aluminum Solutions. We can do the same for you.

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