brand evolution data analytics and automated data reporting

Data Analytics

Discovering the way your visitors think and using that information to maximize conversions.

Analyzing data is a crucial part of improving your online marketing and branding initiatives. Using automated data reporting, we track data such as traffic volume and visitor behavior to discover what people are being receptive to. This allows us to turn your website into a very powerful tool that will help you achieve your business goals.


Web Design testing and Optimazation

By using Data analytics, we can see stats such as what pages people are going to, how long they are staying on the page etc… We can then understand how to guide them to the content they want to see and how to get them to take action.

An example of our process may go something like this – your demographic is largely making impulse purchases on your ecommerce site, and since red is a more effective color for impulse purchases, let’s switch your purchase button to red and track the performance.

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Automated data reporting for data analytics

Track detailed data 24/7 without doing a thing.

Track results and trends through a simple dashboard. This is done using data-recording platforms which can track information such as:

  • Page visits
  • Keyword performance
  • Time spent on page

You can also track demographic information such as:

  • Age range
  • Location
  • Your visitors’ interests

This only scratches the surface of all of the information you can gather from automated data reporting with data analytics, and as they say, knowledge is power.

You can track this data in an easy to understand dashboard and receive alerts for certain trends such as high page visits.

Keyword Testing

What are your clients typing into search engines to find you? Does it align with your business goals?

We can use this data to optimize your pages to have a heavier focus on those keywords. If people are finding you through searching about “custom xyz service for my business”, we may want to write more detail on custom xyz service and use the specific words “custom xyz service for my business” in the text.

If your business goals include selling more of a specific product, we can write detailed section or blog about that product using keywords related it. We then track the performance, optimize the keywords, then repeat.

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