Why Every Business Needs A Website

September 27, 2018

Whether you are working solo out of your apartment or you are a multi-location company with hundreds of employees, EVERY business needs a solid website. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a website

1) Your Competitors Have Websites

Let’s say you’re single and searching for a partner. You’re at a club and you see the most beautiful person you have ever seen. They got you saying “DANG!”

Then the worst happens… Your would-have-been spouse gets approached by your competitor and they get their flirt on. They leave together and your dreams are crushed.

People are out there looking for your services and you best bet they are checking out your competitors’ websites.

There is a good chance that you are losing potential customers just because they don’t know much about you or whether or not you exist and since 72% of business are increasing their budgets in advertising online, the competition is only getting stronger.

2) You Gain Credibility

Imagine if you hear about some business through a friend or a mailing or on another website and it sparked your interest… What would you typically do next? The majority of the time, you would go to their website to learn more.

In the past, you would bust out that fat book of numbers and give them a call, but now we are in the information age and that is just a way of the past.

Things have changed. According to The Digital Consumer Study 63% of consumers primarily use a company’s website to make a buying decision and about 30% will immediately take you out of the consideration bucket if you don’t have a website.

It doesn’t matter if you sell business to business or business to consumer, if you want to gain customers, they will want to know that you are credible before doing business with you.

3) It's An Online Resume

This is how you can tell the world everything you have to offer.

Imagine you are an industrial bearing manufacturer and you offer staff training as one of your services.

you find that one of your biggest customers has been using another company to train their staff on handling, installation, repairs etc… because they weren’t aware that you did training.

You have been missing a good chunk of revenue simply because they didn’t know all of your offerings.

47% of visitors look at your product and services page before anything else.

Additionally, people will better understand who you are, your values and ultimately why they should choose you over your competitors.

4) Unlimited Advertising and Accessible Information

How much time and money do you spend on advertising? You need to get your name out there to bring in more business.

When someone is in the market for a product or service, 72% of people will go straight to google to find information on their buying decisions.

A website is accessible 24/7 and is your way of always being able to advertise yourself. It doesn’t matter when someone hears about you or where they are, you can always present your company to them.

5) Expand Your Customer Base

Building your image online gives you an opportunity to expand past your current customer base and gain more customers.

Let’s say you make music and you’re looking for a place to record but you can’t find any too great places in the area.

You were able to find an awesome studio over an hour away from where you live by coming across their website and learning how they were better than the local studios. Now you have been recording there ever since.

Your website gives you the ability to find all types of customers from all over the place, so don’t limit yourself to your current market.

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If you don’t have a website or your website is not up to par, you are only doing yourself harm. Make your website a priority and invest into it with a professional. If  you do not have professional experience in web development, you can reach out to a professional here to discuss a web solution for your business.

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