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Customer Order Tracking

One of the most common phone calls our friends at Sultan Trans get is a customer asking where their delivery is at. The staff at Sultan Trans would then have to update their customer on where the truck is and an approximate delivery time.

We helped take a load off of their shoulders by creating a web application that allows for real-time tracking of the customer’s delivery. Now, all the customer has to do is type in their order number, and they will receive a live update on the location of their delivery marked by an icon on the tracking map.

This new application allows Sultan Trans to free up a lot of their time updating customers on their delivery location, and allows their customers to have an update available at any time of the day without the need to call anyone.

Awesome Design With New Efficiencies

Sultan Trans did not have any sort of online presence. We created a new logo and an awesome modern website filled with unique transitions and features.

Other than our online delivery tracking application that we created for sultan, we also created an online careers application form. Now they are able to have drivers apply online, and they will receive all of the required information for the applicant in an email.


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